Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for becoming a Lab Support employee?

Lab Support offers exciting and rewarding opportunities for science and engineering professionals at every stage of their career – everything from paid internships for college students to director-level positions.

How do I become an employee with Lab Support?

The process begins when you complete an application. A member of our recruitment team will contact you to discuss your specific skills, career goals, and time frames.

Are there any obligations or commitments upon submitting an application?

Until you formally accept an assignment there is no obligation. You are free to explore all the possibilities. Upon accepting an assignment, your commitment is only for the mutually agreed upon length of that particular assignment.

Are there ever any fees for Lab Support's services?

We never charge candidates fees for our services.

How long will it take to find an assignment once I have applied?

After completing the prescreening process, your first assignment could begin in as little as a few days or, more typically, one to two weeks.

What types of assignments are available?

Assignments are available in a range of facility types, geographic regions, and industries, including biotechnology, medical device, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, environmental, chemicals, consumer care, clinical laboratories, hospitals, universities, and municipalities. Whatever options you prefer, your active recruitment team at Lab Support will work to secure the right assignment.

How do I choose assignments?

After you apply with Lab Support, you are assigned to one of our Active Recruitment Teams, led by your personal recruiter. These professionals are dedicated to securing assignments closely aligned with your skills and preferences. Your Active Recruitment Team will provide you with the necessary information for you to make the best choice.

Will you have the assignment I want?

Lab Support maintains a vast network of relationships and contacts throughout the nation, enabling us to match our candidates with the jobs they prefer. If the assignment is not available in our database, our Active Recruitment Team immediately goes to work locating the assignment you want.

What happens after I select an assignment?

Your professional profile will be immediately sent to the client and a telephone interview will be arranged with the person in charge of hiring. We will make certain you have all the information you need about the position and the employer to ensure a successful interview and satisfactory placement.

What happens when an assignment ends?

Your recruitment team takes an active part in managing the relationship. We maintain a job history on every employee, updating your skill assessments and competencies to ensure appropriate job matches, and proactively help you find and transition to subsequent assignments after your current assignment is completed.

What are the benefits and bonuses available with Lab Support?

Lab Support has very competitive wages, and offers one of the most comprehensive and flexible benefit programs in the industry. Many assignments offer incentive programs, including significant bonuses paid upon successful completion of the assignment.

How am I paid while working?

Contract employees are paid weekly by check or direct deposit. Typically contract employees’ pay is based on the number of hours worked and the position's pay rate. Direct Hire employees are paid in accordance with our client’s payroll policies.

How am I paid for referring other candidates to Lab Support?

The majority of contract workers join Lab Support after hearing about us from our current employees. We reward them well for their loyalty by paying one of the highest referral bonuses available in the industry.

Do you have more questions?

We are always ready to answer any questions, and encourage you to contact us at 0845 241 1111.